Tantum Shelf

The Tantum Shelf is a new concept in modular shelving systems. Unlike the most popular systems available on the market that are configured via a multitude of clips, rails, screws and pins, the Tantum Shelf 's infinte abilty to expand and adjust are inherent to its form. With only the shelf and gravity required, the system is assembled and modified with unprecedented ease. Just stack and slide.

METRIC: OUTSIDE: (L: 69.5 CM, W: 25.25 CM, H: 35 CM)
INSIDE : (L: 66.5CM, W:25.25CM, H: 32 CM)
STANDARD: OUTSIDE: (L: 27 3/8 IN, W: 10 IN, H:13.75 IN)
INSIDE: ( L: 26 3/16 IN, W:10 IN, H: 12 5/8IN)